YOGA_PLAYEve is an Atelierista working in a Reggio Emilia approach Nursery. She runs her own business Wolf and Mermaid and graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design with a BA Honours in Textile Design in 2015.

Creativity lives in the very essence of me. I’ve been painting and creating ever since I can remember. I’m happiest when I’m painting, completely in the moment.

Yoga for me is a creative process as much as painting is. We are all ‘makers’ of some sort and we all have the abilities to create. Connecting to our inner ‘maker’ or ‘creator’ is something I feel passionately about. Creative sessions are intended for you to make a mess, to discover colour, to connect to play again, and to find creativity within.

I offer one 2 one creative sessions, small group sessions or family sessions.

Available in person or online.


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