The Start

I discovered yoga at the age of eleven by my mother who brought me along to one of her classes. I fell in love with the practice almost instantly. I remember my first yoga class –  after finishing the class I walked out and it felt like my body was singing with brightness and I felt so connected to my body. It was as if I exploring it for the first time. I began meditating after a relationship ended at the age of 20, attending the East London Buddhist Centre on an open day. Yoga and meditation have been part of my daily life ever since. I have engaged passionately in yoga and learned from so many different schools of yoga, and I can’t wait to share my practice with you.


RYT 200 HR – Brighton Revitalise

100 HR Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Uma Dinsmore

75 HR Yoga Teacher Training with Rainbow Kids Yoga


In my classes, I like to create a space in which individuals can look within themselves without judgment and explore what is present for them in the here and now, physically and emotionally.

Within classes we work together to the connection of the body and mind, to see what the soul really needs.  I particularly work on shifting tension and releasing everyday stress within our muscle and cell tissue. Building strength within certain areas of the body and calming the nervous system is an area of focus. As everybody is different, classes are tailored to the individual’s needs. With a known nurturing and holistic energy, I aim to guide individuals to a place where they can come home to their body, giving it whatever it truly needs. Working together with a combination of flowing asanas and pranayama, I encourage everybody to come and join me for this journey of yoga.

Yoga is a door to open and to go inside.