Min[tea] Bluebells-28The Start

I discovered yoga at the age of 11. My mum brought me along to one of her classes in a local village hall where I grew up. I was never any good at any sport at school and was often hiding away from P.E in the Arts block. It was all very new to me the idea of moving my body in particular ways. But almost straight away I fell in love with the practice and what sensations I could feel.

It was like I found my breath for the first time, really learning how to deeply inhale and exhale. I was connecting to my body as well.

Struggling with anxiety and depression as a teen and young adult, I found myself going back to yoga time and time again. Yoga classes often left me in a complete state of relaxation and calm. If I could find my balance, find my breath and connect to my body it was like the chaos around me would simply melt away. I started my own self practice at home and later went on to do my teacher training.

Yoga has been part of my daily life ever since. I have engaged passionately in yoga and I’ve learnt from so many different schools of yoga. I can’t wait to share my practice with you and help you on your yoga journey.

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